Standardisation Kick-off Meeting: City Resilience Development

26 May 2021, 09:00 - 12:00

- Online

Standardisation Kick-off Meeting: City Resilience Development

Standardisation Kick-off Meeting: City Resilience Development (Pixabay)

While negative impacts of climate-related and other hazards on urban areas are widely discussed, their impacts on historic areas have not been studied extensively enough. The aim of the workshop is to develop a management framework that helps, for example, heritage managers, public administrators, and other actors in the field of climate change adaptation planning (CCA) and disaster risk management (DRM) and heritage management:

  • To go beyond the system definition of resilience and acknowledge the need for socially just resilience building,
  • To understand which steps are necessary to develop a combined DRM/CCA action plan that takes needs and opportunities of historic areas into account when building resilience,
  • To provide guidance on how to operationalise the different steps of the DRM/CCA management framework,
  • To provide guidance on which stakeholders to involve in each step of the management process, and
  • To provide a conceptual structure for different tools and methods as well as for indicating where and how these can support end-users in a DRM/CCA framework.

More information, including a Draft Project Plan and Agenda, can be found here.

How to Register:

Register by contacting Saskia Maresch from the German Institute of Standardisation (