Guideline on ARCH co-creation approach

Deliverable 3.1, November 2019.  >Download

The guideline establishes a harmonised methodological approach and framework for the cooperation between scientific partners and city partners within the ARCH project. More specifically, this document serves to define a common vision, principles and a practical framework (‘rules’) for working together, as well as identifying possible barriers and suggesting strategies to overcome these.
The document was developed drawing on literature review, but also input collected from the project team  through two workshops (held in Bratislava in June 2019 and in Brussels in November 2019), organised and facilitated by ICLEI.

Authors: Vasileios Latinos, Eleanor Chapman (ICLEI Europe).

State-of-the-Art Reports of concepts, approaches, standards and technologies

Deliverable 7.1, November 2019.  >Download

This deliverable offers six standalone State-of-the-Art Reports. These reports analyse concepts, approaches, standards and technologies linked to the scope of the project. They serve as a basis for the development of the ARCH disaster risk management framework for historic areas, for standardisation activities, for the inventory of options for the four stages of the disaster risk management cycle, and for identifying funding opportunities. A combined glossary holds all definitions mentioned in the reports as well as further definitions relevant for ARCH.

Authors: Gondová M. Musilova, M. Zubiaga, M. Mendizabal, S. Zorita, M. Musacchio, A. Costanzo, D. Lückerath, M. I. Pannaccione Apa, E. Rome, K. Milde, O. Ullrich, A. Krukowski, V. Rebollo, T. Rangil-Escribano, E. Chapman, A. Schäfer, S. Maresch, V. Latinos.