Integrating mitigation and adaptation for more effective climate action

12 December 2019, 11:00 - 12:30

Integrating mitigation and adaptation for more effective climate action

Actions to mitigate climate change and those to adapt to its impacts are two sides of the same coin: both are fundamental components of effective climate policy, as well as central to the commitment made by European Covenant of Mayors (CoM) Signatories that develop Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs). It makes sense to consider these streams of action together – not only to exploit synergies (reducing climate risks at the same time as carbon emissions) but also to avoid locking-in counterproductive measures (e.g. investing in energy infrastructure likely to be damaged by extreme weather events).

Despite the many good reasons to integrate them, there are barriers to doing so. Within a city administration, one major obstacle is that responsibilities for mitigation and adaptation often sit with staff in different departments. This means that disciplinary silos need to be bridged in order to bring the two streams together, which may demand changes to inter-departmental dynamics and working processes. In addition, interactions between measures with potential for both mitigation and adaptation continue to be under-explored.

This webinar brings together a range of perspectives on integrating adaptation and mitigation, with a view to inspire further thinking and action on this subject. Challenges and potential ways to overcome them will be discussed.

Join us to learn:

  • How can benefits and trade-offs of integrated measures be identified?
  • How can an integrated climate working group help overcome “silo-thinking”?

Moderator: Arthur Hinsch, Covenant of Mayors Office

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