Building resilience in the Old Town of Camerino

5 August 2020

Building resilience in the Old Town of Camerino

ARCH visit to Camerino, December 2019. Source: ARCH project.

ARCH partners have virtually convened in Camerino to ensure that the project's research agenda is aligned with the needs and priorities of local stakeholders.

The meeting took place on 21 July and brought together more than twenty colleagues of the ARCH project, including representatives from the Municipality and the University of Camerino. The focus of the discussion was on how to mitigate the impact of natural hazards and develop knowledge and tools for monitoring and preserving cultural heritage in the Old Town of Camerino.

The inspiring virtual visit to the Old Town included an analysis at district, municipal and building scale, and made a specific reference to the Ducal Palace and Santa Maria in Via’s Church. This analysis aimed at disclosing the narrative of Camerino in relation to natural hazards, cultural heritage and the target historic area to the ARCH scientific partners.

During the online gathering, the Municipality of Camerino targeted specific objectives that it aims to achieve with the support of the project partners. These objectives include to:

  • improve the risk assessment and communication to lead future actions for current post-earthquake reconstruction,
  • increase hazard knowledge and awareness on the geological-structural setting of the “Camerino hill” and the geomorphological processes determining the hydrogeological hazard,
  • increase the knowledge of the vulnerability of historic buildings with reference to constructions materials and techniques,
  • monitor cultural heritage of significant value in order to provide alerts and real-time information about damage resultant from natural hazards and degradation due to environmental conditions,
  • develop guidelines for managing and securing artefacts along with artwork after seismic events.

The discussion will further continue between the city and the ARCH scientific partners in order to validate the project’s expertise relevant for Camerino. The results of this meeting will further support the engagement with local stakeholders to contribute to the city’s Local Work Plan, as well as the scientific partners’ work – as part of the overall commitment of the ARCH team to co-creating results that are relevant and useful to local practitioners.

To know more about the cultural heritage sites of Camerino targeted in ARCH, read Deliverable 3.3. ARCH City Baseline Report here and check Camerino’s webpage on our website.